4 Simple Strategies for Meeting New People

  Too often, we barely notice (or get to know) the people we interact with. We may think it’s their loss, but I believe it is ours. They have the potential to be people who shape our lives if we just got to know them.       A few things about connections that everyone[..] Read more >>

Unpaid Internship? Three Questions to Help You Decide.

  If I asked you… “How’d you like to spend your summer vacation, before your last semester of college, working 7-hour days and earning zero dollars?” would your first response be, “Where do I sign up?”   I didn’t think so.   Although there are struggles to working for no income, I believe there is[..] Read more >>

Making Friends – Be Interested or Be Interesting?

  When is the last time you were in that awkward moment… the one where you are thinking of starting a conversation with someone you don’t know (or don’t know well), and you aren’t sure what to say? How are you? How’s your day been? I’m _________. What’s your name? Come here often? Okay, now[..] Read more >>

3 Reasons Why You Should Share It as a Story

1. The brain processes information differently when it’s presented through story. Many studies (here’s another) have been conducted in which scientists are watching which areas of the brain light up when the person being studied is taking part in different tasks. For example, when we read facts and figures, the language part of the brain and[..] Read more >>

How to Decide Your Major

(sorry the video is a little blurry on this one. Camera malfunction) Transcript of video A question was submitted by Dani at “Ask Amiee.” Dani said she knows she wants to go to college—she’s made that choice, but she doesn’t know yet what to major in, so what should she do about that? So Dani,[..] Read more >>