Grow People to Grow Your Team’s Results

  Two big factors determine how much your team will grow in results. Don’t get me wrong, there are a hundred other aspects to effective team management and productivity, but these two lead the way in any group and any industry.     The two factors are: The leader’s personal growth and knowledge level The team[..] Read more >>

If You Care about Wealth; Care Less about Income

    When you think about money and what you want to do with it, what do you picture? Do you see yourself… Traveling the world—seeing the most beautiful places this planet has to offer? Going to the hottest, most happening spots? Lounging by your own pool, next to the beach, with palm leaves swaying[..] Read more >>

The Power of a Commonality – CU Denver Sets an Example

Have you ever started a conversation with someone new, and at first it didn’t flow? You had to think of questions to ask, and they didn’t come easily. But then… You find out you have something in common… like you both love the Denver Broncos or you both love U2 or you both love to snowboard,[..] Read more >>

Making Friends & Building Relationships; Empty the Room

  Have you ever questioned whether someone was actually listening to you or just pretending to listen? One day, I was sitting in my office when my husband came in and asked if he could interrupt me to ask a question. I said yes, and he proceeded to ask it. As I listened, I kept[..] Read more >>

Does Being the First Have More Upsides or More Downsides?                                                     

  I learned three great lessons from Airbnb founder Joe Gebbia that I think could benefit you too. I’m going to focus on the third lesson today, because it’s interesting to consider the upsides and downsides of being the first person to do something. It’s also important to know what type of person you are[..] Read more >>