Making Friends – How Do I Take an Interest When I’m not Interested?

    When I shared the concept that You’ll get more people to like you by taking an interest in them than you will by being interesting to them I received a great comment and request for my thoughts on it.   Meredith said, “I was just speaking to one of my best friends and[..] Read more >>

Choosing Happiness… for Real or Not-Quite-That-Simple?

Find out in this quick 3.5 minute video… What you get when you take: Olympic medalists Scientists studying happiness levels in olympic medalists and a girl who can’t seem to “choose her happiness”   What have you found makes you feel better in the tough moments? I’d love to hear it. Share in the comments[..] Read more >>

Which Would You Use—”Why Me” or “Lucky Me” ?

A good friend of mine had an experience that reminded me of something really important. Since all of us have similar experiences (just without the guitar), I figured it could be a helpful reminder to you too. So here it goes… Watch the video to hear the short story. The moral of the story is:[..] Read more >>

Sickening Feedback? Don’t Let It Stop You

I was shaking, like I was cold. But it was at least 85 degrees in my room. I felt nauseous, contemplating whether or not I should start heading for the bathroom, and it had all come on in a matter of seconds. What caused it? I read a Facebook message directed at me that was[..] Read more >>

How To Improve Your Leadership Skills by Being YOU

Align with your values and your influence grows. Authenticity is a magnet that draws people to you. It can also draw opportunity or goal achieving assistance if your authentic you aligns with such things. That may be a bit too deep for a quick thought of the day… I know. 🙂 Let’s get back to[..] Read more >>