Book Reviews

Amiee’s story is so real. I love her way of making us turn every obstacle into an opportunity for growth. She is funny and fun, while dealing with harsh realities that have made her into the person she is now. If we can implement the lessons she teaches we can all arrive at “AWESOME!”


I’m not usually a fan of this genre, but I really enjoyed Amiee’s appraoch. Short stories, short chapters, easy to read quickly in the morning or on a break in small amounts and come back later. I think every professional needs this book on their nightstand, on their coffee table, or in their briefcase.

Nicholas R. Carter

I think that the novel Destination Awesome was not only helpful but inspiring. The stories Amiee Mueller shared in the text held powerful messages in each and every chapter. In the pursuit to become the best version of yourself I would definitely recommend this book due to its helpful exercises and insightful stories..

Terence Petit

Amiee shares her story in amazing way showing us that there is always a awesome destination for all of us. This books is super motivational and real at the same time!
The sentences are written always in a special way and always with soul. One of the best books I have ever seen on this subject. I truly recommend to buy the book!


Aimee’s book is “Awesome”. Aimee takes us on a journey of self exploration and triumph over adversity. Our lives are shaped by experiences that we encounter and unfortunately it is easier to allow negative experiences to shape who we are today. Aimee’s journey is amazing and is inspirational to us all. This is a must read for people of all ages.


Amiee relates her life story in a gutsy, gritty way that it inspires all of us to overcome our personal challenges and make our lives more meaningful and rich. My wife really enjoyed her stories and I liked how she relates her experiences with a “common sense” road map to achieving a healthy mindset and shed a possible “victim” mentality! Inspiring!

Thomas E. Rastrelli

Amiee Mueller is a great author, speaker, and coach. She has taught many valuable life lessons through each of these platforms and Destination Awesome is exactly how it sounds…Awesome! Amiee has a great gift of telling stories to help illustrate points and concepts that often are hard to teach. She is an impressive person and is constantly focused on her own growth as a leader. I recommend this book for anyone that wants to take life to greater heights.

Justin Donald

Love the way Amiee wrote this book! The key to reaching me is authentic stories that make me feel like I could be there or was involved. This book has that and more 🙂 She does a great job of delivering quality information on how to live a fulfilling life without the undertone of a know it all. She’s open playful and real. I love that Amiee is on a journey with the rest of us and Destination awesome is about sharing that journey and what she’s learned in detail with us. Helps me to know I’m not alone.

Jeremy Reisig