Book Reviews

If you don’t have it, you should get it!

Ryan Whiten

Insightful and thoughtful. A fantastic inspiration to anyone feeling held back by a circumstance in their life to focus their energy on their destination awesome.

Heather Chastain

Awesome! Truly. Amiee is an excellent writer and her book will surly put the reader on the path to greatness. I highly recommend grabbing a copy today. Your destination awaits.

John Wasserman

Destination Awesome is simply that — Awesome! No one provides more practical real-world advice than Amiee Mueller. This is the self-help book that I would recommend to anyone.

Chantell Wittman

What an amazing read! Her map is true to form and the stories she shares are an outstanding testament as to how to change your perspective and destination! I couldnt put it down!

Autumn Henderson

Wow I could not put this book down! Amy writes about things that affect many people but are seldom talked about. I cried, I laughed, and I was a different person when I read this book!

Jenni Erdmann

This book is about how we can grow as individuals and how we can gain wisdom, courage and strength from others experiences if we kept our hearts and mind opened. It is truly inspiring and awesome.

Scott Tsui

I loved the book. The stories were impactful. I was moved deeply by the writing. I applaud Amiee’s effort to bring forward a piece that captures the heart, challenges the mind and encourages powerful action.

John Kane