Camryn J

I did make quite a few connections at today’s event, and was inspired by your speech! Thank you!

Jeremy C

Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation! It truly does open up one’s eyes to the “front row” life experience. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and by show of the service dog that accompanies me everywhere, it’s hard for me to step out of my shell sometimes. I actually volunteered a[..] Read more >>

Oniza C

I really enjoyed hearing your speech!! My dad and I have been talking about it since then. You really inspired me! Thanks so much!

Misty M

I really enjoyed hearing your speech! You were awesome! My daughter is a freshmen at CU Denver. I really think your words meant a lot to her. Thank you very much! Take care,


I was the one that took a selfie with you! Thank you so much for your moving and inspiring speech, it gave me confidence when I had none. I struggle with bipolar disorder so I was very afraid to leave home to come here, but you gave me the drive to decide my own future.[..] Read more >>