You Were Lied to; There are Dumb Questions

What was that guy’s name again? Have you ever tried to remember a person’s name, a song or movie title?  You’ve probably thought, “I know what it is.  What is that darn name?”  But it escapes you? So you move on with your day.  It isn’t that important anyway so why dwell on it, right?[..] Read more >>

Air Travel for Beginners – An Easy 7 Step Process

Traveling is one of my passions. I mean, isn’t it for a lot of people? If you ask a bunch of people, “If you go anywhere you wanted for free, where would it be?” my guess is that very few answers would include a location in their hometown. Instead, when I’ve asked that question in[..] Read more >>

5 Steps for Interviewing a Mentor Candidate

Want to get a mentor but not sure how to begin?  You may have heard many times that having a mentor or personal coach is a strategy for success.  It doesn’t even matter what area you’d like help in; Coaches and mentors can be found for nearly any subject.   How to Begin The first[..] Read more >>

Intentional Acts of Kindness – Beneficial or Overhyped?

Have you ever wondered if holding a door for a stranger has any benefit to the world or yourself, other than the small amount of pride you can take in helping another person in some small way? And if you hold the door, and instead of a smile or a thank you, that stranger gives[..] Read more >>

2 Keys to Curbing Self Doubt

I had an experience recently that made me question my sanity.  In that moment, my self-doubt was at an all time high.  I felt like two parts of my brain were in the ring, punching each other.  One was my self-doubt and the other was my belief that I wasn’t crazy, and I was the[..] Read more >>