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Keynotes and Workshops

amiee mueller speaking 4Amiee’s authenticity draws you in while her energy, humor, and interaction keeps you engaged.   Teaching points are almost always expressed through true stories, and she makes sure there are actionable steps that you can take immediately – oftentimes, during the message.

She speaks to various audiences—entrepreneurs, students and young adults, women’s groups, and those seeking personal development and inspiration.  She’s been through periods of her own life that were so transformational, inspirational and key to her success and happiness, she is passionate about helping others experience similar growth and inspiration.

She has a menu of topics below and can customize parts of her messages to fit your audience and your objectives. Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.

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Amiee has options for

  • 45-90 minute keynotes and workshops
  • 2-3 hour programs
  • 4-6 hour programs


Keynote: “Keeping the American Dream Alive”
Length: 60 – 90 minutes plus (optional) book signing and/or Q&A

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Amiee grew up in a small town, and following a tough childhood including neglect, poverty and abuse, she left home in hopes of a better way of living.  Her absolute lack of money, social or professional skills, and confidence changed when she took a new college job in which the company focused on business and life skills.Amiee Speak V1

Over the course of the next few years, she went from an angry, skeptical, lonely 18-year-old to a successful entrepreneur and trainer with happiness and relationships like she never had before.

She teaches each strategy through personal stories making “Keeping the American Dream Alive” a touching, funny, and relatable experience for your audience.

The actionable strategies Amiee will share with your audience include the C’s of creating awesomeness:

  • Making the right CHOICES for the future you want – A simple process for risk assessment as well as a way to judge whether or not your decisions align with your vision for your future.
  • Building CONNECTIONS with people affects your fulfillment and your opportunities – The three ways to connect with anyone and create a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • How increasing your personal and professional CAPACITY is necessary in today’s ever-changing world.


Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.


Keynote: “The Front Row Factor”
Length: 45 – 60 minutes

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Going from a disengaged, full of self-doubt person who was mostly invisible, lonely and Amiee CU denverliving in the back row of life to an engaged, courageous Front Row participant is the foundation for this message.

In this message, your audience learns the power or impact of being fully engaged in their own lives, their communities, and (for students) their school.

The Big Ideas for living a #FrontRowLife include:

  • Connecting with others
  • Creating your own reality
  • Changing – continuous improvement
  • Commitment to your dreams
  • Contributing to others


Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.


Keynote: “Positioning Yourself for Success – The LiPS Model”
Length: 60 – 90 minutes plus (optional) book signing and/or Q&A

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Having grown up in poverty, in a trailer park, in a family of high school drop outs, drug users and alcoholics, and with family members who spent time in jail, Amiee’s position in life started out downright gloomy.

Challenging others’ opinions that she’d never make it any farther then the rest of her family did, Amiee had to learn how to position herself for the life she desired.  The question she had to answer was, “How does a person get herself out of the lowest socio-economic class and build a rich life of happy relationships, good health, financial security and fulfilling work?”

She found the answers, which helped her do just that and she shares them with your audience.

LiPS stands for location, people, and skills. The actionable strategies Amiee will share with your students include:Amiee Mueller speaking 1

  • Position yourself with people
  • Position yourself with capabilities
  • Position yourself by location
  • Position others for success


Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.



Workshop: “Hack Your Brain”
Length: 45 – 60 minutes

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The last ten years has brought us much more information on how our brains work andAmiee Speaks RDC what we can do to use our subconscious as an ally in our successes. A few questions she’ll answer include: Do you see with your eyes or your brain?  How much of your environment is being filtered out of your awareness?  Why do optimists outperform pessimists?

Amiee breaks down some of these concepts so they are easy to understand, relatable to everyday living and shows how to implement helpful actions immediately.

The actionable strategies Amiee will share with your students include:

  • Subconscious Strategies for Conscious Success
  • The basics of neuroscience
  • How our subconscious affects our results
  • Priming your brain to help you achieve your goals
  • There is such a thing as a bad question
  • The brain is powered by mood
  • Physiology’s affect on the brain

Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.


Workshop: “Leadership in Seconds—Strategies for the Busy Leader”
Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Are you busy?  Does this… “I’d like to lead, but I’m not sure I have the time,” sound familiar? In our faced-paced, productivity-focused, ever-changing world, people need great leaders and support more than ever, but even leaders are overworked. This session will teach you how to 10x the level of support and productivity in your organization and use only 1x of your time to do it.

This session is interactive with audience participation. We will all share ideas and leave with tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

You’ll learn how to lead in a SEC (Supportive environment, set the Example, and necessary Communications from the leader, as well as:

  • to lead a highly supportive environment without being the sole provider of that support.
  • the benefits of a diverse team and how to promote teamwork as beneficial to each individual.
  • 3 strategies for getting every team member involved and tied into an overall vision.

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What others are saying about Amiee’s messages:

Amiee is an amazing individuals.  She will deliver for you in a big way.  Every time!  She offers powerful tools, insights and strategies for helping people to move forward in life and business.  She has a true desire to help others.  She over-deliver….Always!

John Kane

Amiee has been an amazing coworker and mentor for the last 7 years! She is selfless and always listens from an unbiased perspective.  I leave every interaction feeling clear minded and refreshed!”

Nick MatlackDistrict ManagerVector Marketing

It is always a privilege to hear Amiee speak. Her charisma and contagious energy leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Even after hearing her speak several times, I still leave more inspired, energized, and motivated.

Ashley SchroerPsychology major – Texas State University

Amiee takes the meaning of connecting with her audience to a new level.  The passion in her words makes a big impact that leaves a lasting effect.  Whether her message is to inspire or inform, her speeches are definitely ones that echo longer in audience’s ears long after the message has been delivered.

Tim OrtegaDistrict ManagerVector Marketing

Amiee’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Anyone can give a speech but very few possess the ability to truly inspire.”

Aaron ZellerLiberty Mutual Insurance

Amiee always seems to deliver a dynamic and timely message perfectly balanced between personal development and business development that is also motivating.  Every time she speaks, she adds a ton of value to my personal and professional life.

Jamie Mitchell Financial AdvisorMerrill Lynch Wealth Management

Amiee was the heart and soul of every regional meeting I attended as a DM at Vector. Not only did she plan them and make sure that they went smoothly every time, but she was also the smiling face that knew your name and helped you with whatever you needed. She was an excellent speaker and always brought exciting and creative ideas to the table, using her experience as a DM to help us in our businesses. You could always count on Amiee to get things done.

Nicholas Gatlin

Amiee Mueller is a consummate professional. Her attention to detail is impeccable. I have never worked with anyone who is as organized as Amiee. Because of her organizational skills, she is able to multitask on a remarkable level, and never miss a deadline. Her management skills are equally as impressive, and while being very left brained she is INCREDIBLY creative as well. Amiee is the perfect leader and executive. She is an asset to any company, team, or project that she involves herself with. It was a pleasure to work with her. I would trust her with any project of any size or scope.

Jason Reagan