Rejected! How Do You Respond?


Every one of us faces rejection at some point. You know this is true, especially when you consider there are many forms of rejection.

The easiest form to recognize is when asking someone else for something and getting a big, fat “NO”. That includes asking someone for a date, a job, a sale, to help you with something, and more.


There are other more subtle forms of rejection as well, such as not being the first to be picked for a team, a study group, or a work group. Even when someone isn’t physically telling us “no,” there can still be a feeling of rejection just because they’re not saying “yes” in the moment.

Being given a bad grade, the crappy task at work or in your organization or a well-intentioned piece of advice or criticism can also produce the same feelings as an outright rejection.

And I’m not saying to avoid rejection is the answer. That is impossible. We all have to go through some of this as part of our growth process. And sometimes feeling rejected by criticism doesn’t mean the feedback isn’t on point. Sometimes, we do need to improve in the area we are being advised in.

So what is the point???

The point is…

Whether or not you experience rejection isn’t what matters; how you react to it is.

Will it shut you down, stop you in your tracks, instill doubt, or otherwise deter you from working toward your goals?

Or will you use it as a growth opportunity? A way to recommit to what you’re working toward? A chance to prove to others (and yourself) you can do it?

Will rejection be the fire that destroys your path to success or will it be the one that ignites your discipline, drive, and effort?

Check out these Famous Rejects 
I guarantee you know EVERY name on this list.
(an infographic by Morgan Franklin)


What will it take for you to be this example for others? To be the person who is rejected and still makes your own dreams come true?

Stay Awesome!


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