Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation! It truly does open up one’s eyes to the “front row” life experience. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and by show of the service dog that accompanies me everywhere, it’s hard for me to step out of my shell sometimes. I actually volunteered a couple times throughout the day at the other presentations. Thank you again!!

Jeremy CManchester Community College

I really enjoyed hearing your speech!! My dad and I have been talking about it since then. You really inspired me! Thanks so much!

Oniza CUniversity of Colorado Denver

I really enjoyed hearing your speech! You were awesome! My daughter is a freshmen at CU Denver. I really think your words meant a lot to her. Thank you very much! Take care,

Misty M

I was the one that took a selfie with you! Thank you so much for your moving and inspiring speech, it gave me confidence when I had none. I struggle with bipolar disorder so I was very afraid to leave home to come here, but you gave me the drive to decide my own future. Thanks again, you stay just as awesome!

BenjaminUniversity of Colorado Denver

Amiee is an incredible human being, always giving of herself and considerate of other people.  She possesses an eternal optimism and is extremely helpful and organized.

Robert DanburyCutco Sales Professional

Some of the things that I appreciate about Amiee is her inexhaustible work ethic, her ability to find a way to solve any challenge, and her fearless approach to take on challenges and go after goals without being limited by doubt or fear of loss.

Loyd ReaganVector Marketing

Amiee planted a seed of confidence in me to become a sales leader and owner of my own company.  Amiee commands a room and has a brilliant low-key approach to leadership that draws out the personal best of each person.  Amiee’s technique causes others to dig deep and exceed their own expectations of themselves while working toward their personal best.

Aaron BallBallpoint Communications Group

Amiee truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it be motivating people to take action, having the right mindset, how to operate a high performance business, or good ole fashion sales success strategies, Amiee is absolutely at the top of her game.

Sean HenryNational Market DirectorWorld Ventures

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