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Wouldn’t life be easier if we were given a map at birth?

Imagine: the doctor would clean us up, hand us to our parents wrapped in the pink or blue blanket, and inside there would be a folded map. That map would tell us our purpose in life and it would be accurate. It would lay out what exactly to do in order to live our happiest and healthiest existence, what characteristics we’d want to develop, whom to get involved, and how we’ll know when we’ve reached our destination.

I’m not talking about being told what to do that goes against our truest desires. I’m talking about a plan that is in alignment with those deepest passions and takes into account our own values, strengths, and needs. How awesome would that be?

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and it is left to us to determine all of those things for ourselves.

Here is a simple planning document you can use for each individual goal you set for yourself. If you are currently working on three goals, you’ll have three planning guides filled out. No one hands you a plan, but you can create one by answering a few simple questions.

Many studies have shown that posting your goals where you’ll see them consistently increases the likelihood of achieving them. So once you’ve filled out your sheets, put them somewhere you’ll see them daily such as your bathroom mirror, your bedroom wall, at your desk, or on your refrigerator.

Download your planning guide here: DESTINATION AWESOME planning guide

Download an example planning guide already filled out here: DESTINATION AWESOME planning guide_Example filled in

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