Life is Like Surfing

I’ve only been surfing twice and I remember how sore my arms were… burning with fatigue actually… while paddling out to the waves and then trying to catch them on the way in.

And I remember how it felt when I did actually catch them and ride that gloriousness. It was amazing. So fun. So worth repeating. 

I was thinking how I have those same feelings even when I’m not in the ocean.

You can ride the awesome waves of achievement. Think of when things are going your way and it seems like nothing could stop you, and it all feels great. We all have some of those times. Well, at least, I hope we all do. I’d hate to think anyone missed out on that.

Sometimes, though, you can burn with fatigue… working toward your dreams. For me, on the very first day I surfed, my arms burned so badly at times that my instructor would have me hold on to the back of his board and he’d pull us both out with his strong, experienced arms.  That’s the day I learned surfers have to have great upper body strength. You may have an experience like that too—where the help of someone else helps you get there. I’m so grateful for the helpers in the world.

The bottom line is you’ll experience both: times where things go smoothly and it feels wonderful and times where things are hard and it feels like it may kill you. Rarely will you experience one without the other.

So when you are hurting, just remember… your wave is on its way and you just have to keep going so you can be ready when it arrives.

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