Is it WHAT You Know or WHO You Know that Matters?

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Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?”

Well, there’s some validity to that.

Of course what you know is important. Thought what you know is not as important as putting to action what you know. Even in the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about how people always say knowledge is power, but really knowledge isn’t powerful at all unless you’re actually putting that knowledge to work. So, active knowledge is power.

So, going back to it’s not what you know, it’s who you know; what you know is certainly important. Who you know is at least as important, maybe more. And I can tell you from my own experience… going in to my young adulthood and being quite a mess and coming from a background where I didn’t really have any connections…

I had one best friend that I’m lucky to have because I did so many horrible things as a teenager, I am surprised that she stayed my best friend. I’m super fortunate for that. But I really only had that one best friend and then a handful of other acquaintances—people that I was on the tennis team with or people I worked with or we lived in the same area, etc.. So we were acquaintances, we hung out sometimes because we happened to be in the same areas, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they considered me one of their best friends.

And so, I really came from a place of not having a lot of connections or a lot of deep relationships with people most of my life, and when I started working a sales job when I was in college, funny enough… that was the first time where really the connections I had with people were going to be a variable in my success and overall happiness.

So for that job, I had to see people that I knew and then get recommendations, or referrals, or have them connect me to other people that they knew. Then I would see those people and they would have to connect me to people that they knew. So my whole success in that area was dependant on my ability to create connections and then have those connections help me connect with other people. And that’s really were my learning about connecting with people started.

What’s funny is, I did well with that position and I really learned a lot about creating connections, but for the next fifteen years of my life, it was amazing to see how those connections affected every other area of my life, not just professionally.

I mean, the skills I’ve learned financially, the people that have given me financial advice and investing ideas and things like that, have all been made through connections that I’ve had. And the relationship advice that I’ve gotten, how to build even deeper connections and have a successful marriage and just all these things—learned through connections. Health advice…everything I’ve learned about nutrition and health and stuff like that, have all come about because of the connections that I’ve had.

I wouldn’t have gotten any of that information, or at least I wouldn’t have had someone who can show me the way, if I hadn’t had those connections, and so, it really has impacted every area of my life.

So all I wanted to say today, to you… I’m sitting here in Aruba, and part of what is so wonderful about this trip actually, the most wonderful part of this trip, besides it being a beautiful destination and great weather and all that, is the people I get to spend time with here; it’s pretty amazing. I have a lot of great friends here and it’s been a lot of fun. We could be anywhere and we’d be having a good time because of the people that I’m here with, and again it all comes back to connections—the people you know, the people in your life.

And so my message for you is, don’t discount anyone, because a lot of the connections that have recently had a huge impact on my life, whether that be investment opportunities or things on those lines, a lot of those are connections I made ten or fifteen years ago, people that I just became friends with who have gone on to do things. They weren’t doing those things back then but they’ve gone on to do things, and those things, of course, have brought opportunities into my life I wouldn’t otherwise have. So, again my message is don’t discount anyone.

Anybody that you meet, sit next to in class, stand next to in line, meet through another friend, meet at work, it doesn’t matter…

Every single person you meet,

  • Give him or her a good level of respect

  • Give him or her some attention

  • Be friendly

  • Take an interest in him or her

Start building those connections. You can take those to a deeper level later, just make that connection and make a good impression so people want to connect with you too; and feel they can. You want to be open for that, because again, you never know. The connections you have today, or that you make today or tomorrow, can be a huge impact on your life, and your dreams, and your goals, and all the things you want to achieve years later if not immediately.

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