How To Improve Your Leadership Skills by Being YOU

Align with your values
and your influence grows.

Authenticity is a magnet that draws people to you. It can also draw opportunity or goal achieving assistance if your authentic you aligns with such things. That may be a bit too deep for a quick thought of the day… I know. 🙂

Let’s get back to the key idea.

Being who you are, with confidence, without apologizing, and without the worry that you are somehow not enough (which of course is wrong – because you are enough and worthy of your successes), is a light that draws people in. We love it! We love people who know who they are and aren’t afraid to show us.

According to a Forbes article by Kevin Kruse, authentic leaders
(for a thorough study of the subject, see Cleverisms’s article here) 9-27-16

  • are self aware and genuine
  • are mission driven and focused on results
  • lead with their heart and are long-term focused

Each of those three at least involves the person—the PERSON—which is more important than the position/job title, the knowledge level, or the type of group they lead.  Leadership can be found at work, at home, at church, at school, in social groups, and in random every day experiences. And that isn’t an exhaustive list.

Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Begin with asking yourself these questions.

Who are you?

Who are you down the the core?

What are your values and your beliefs that empower you to work toward your dreams?

What are your values and beliefs when it comes to helping others achieve their dreams?

Knowing those things and aligning your leadership style with them makes you a dynamic leader who people want to be led by. Being that dynamic leader will help you have a larger, more sustainable impact.

Dr. P reminded me of that… Because that is one thing he teaches…  also because it’s how he lives his own life. With kindness, humility, authenticity, and strength, Dr. P shows me the kind of path I don’t just want to walk down—I want to run down. He helps me understand the kind of leader I want to be.

Click here to see Dr. Wayne Pernell’s site or to check out more on being a Dynamic Leader.

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