How to Benefit Your Brain by Using Your Body

Everyone knows physical movements are good for you physically. For example, exercise is healthy for your body. Did you know what you do physically also affects you mentally? Affects how well your brain works?  And it’s not just exercise.  Simple physiology such as smiling can make a difference. Watch this video for details.

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Transcription of video

We’re going to put on some awesome music. You might need some room if you need to move around, you can. D’s are going to go first. They’re going to dance. Whatever D does, A, B and C are going to copy exactly to their ability. You’re going to do that for 30 seconds and then, I’m going to switch, and it’ll be C to lead it and then, it’ll be B to lead it and then, it’ll be A to lead it. Don’t hold back. Have some fun. Ready, Ds are first. Music.

Okay, stop. Grab a seat. I know you don’t want to. Grab a seat. Have a seat. Here’s the deal.. how do you guys feel right now? Good, right? Here’s why. Remember we talked about neuroscience. We said neuroscience is actually what coordinates the communication between different parts of the body. That includes the body. Most people know that the brain has an affect on the body, but not everybody knows the body has an affect on the brain as well. The reason I had you do that is I wanted you to get that feeling you did some physical stuff and it would affect how you feel, right? Here’s why. This is so cool by the way, when I learned this.

Things that you do physically. Let’s talk about exercise first. Now, you guys all know exercise is good for you physically, right? I’m sure everybody in this room knows exercise is good for you physically, that is without question, but exercise is good for you mentally too. Here’s what exercise does for you. One thing it does is neurogenesis which is so cool. It actually helps you create new neurons, new brain cells. That’s fabulous. It helps with mood enhancement, which you now know is really, really important. We talked about that. It helps with hormone release. Check it out.

Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins are like the natural morphine. Endorphins actually help relieve pain, both mentally and physically in the body. That’s released with exercise. It also releases serotonin. Serotonin is known as chemical for happiness. It helps with a restful sleep, it helps with how the appetite, a lot of different things. It also releases dopamine. Dopamine is known as the ‘pleasure chemical’. Dopamine is also related to orgasms by the way, which I think is really interesting. Maybe one day if you’re really, really lonely here, whatever, and you need a pick me up, you can go to the gym, do some ab work, do some back work. Maybe have yourself a core-gasm, right? Also, just 20 minutes a day. I’m not saying you’ve got to do three a days. 20 minutes of exercise a day has been shown to increase information processing in the brain and memory.

Aerobic exercise by the way, is shown to be like a first aid kit for damaged brain cells. I’m sure that none of you have had any reason to believe that you have any damaged brain cells to help fix, right? If you ever come across that occasion maybe some aerobic exercise could do the trick. Now let’s talk about some other physical things that you can do. Again, physiology affects your brain as well. Really quick. Everybody have a pen or pencil, right? Can you hold it like this so it’s sideways and then, put it in teeth. I want you to hold it with your teeth so your lips don’t touch it. I don’t have one. I’d show you. You’re going to be like this, right? Now take it out. Turn it long ways so it’s pointing away from you, and put it in your mouth and hold it with only your lips so it’s not touching your teeth. Oh, yeah. You guys are good. Here’s what so cool about that.

There was a study done where they had some people hold it the first way, and some people to hold it the second way. What that would doing is for forcing a smile on some people and forcing a frown on others and then, they had all those people look at Far Side comics and rate how funny they were. What’s hilarious is the people who were already smiling rated them as funnier because it actually does … Smiling alone releases neuropeptides in he brain which are important. Neuropeptides help the communication of neurons. The point is it sends signal to the brain, where the brain actually records things as more entertaining just because you’re smiling. Smile at your customers in general, but smile. That’s one thing you can do is smile.

The next thing you can do is breathe. You’ve heard already from most people how important this is. It does reduce stress. Anytime you’re in high stress your brain is not functioning as well. The only thing you can do is get plenty rest. This is really cool. They’ve actually shown … There are studies that show that a tired brain perceives things as more challenging. If you’re standing in front of a hill and your brain is tired, it actually perceives it as steeper, more challenging. You’ll see it as steeper. If it’s not tire, of course, it doesn’t see it as steeper. It’s the same thing with weights. If you’re looking at weights and your brain is tired, it perceives them as heavier to pick up. Who needs things to be more challenging, right? None of us. You want to make sure you get that right amount of sleep. Jon did a great job of talking about why sleep is so important.

I want to share with you guys a story about somebody who is supremely successful in his field and the mind, body connection, and that’s Jerry Rice. Anybody ever heard of Jerry Rice before? Jerry Rice played 20 season in the NFL. He’s widely recognized as the best wide receiver ever in NFL history. He holds a lot of records. He holds a lot of records including best all time receptions, best all time yards, best all time touch down receptions. I was working with one of my mentors. His name is Bo Eason. Bo Eason was also in the NFL. He played for the Houston Oilers for awhile before he was traded to the 49ers which is where he met Jerry Rice. Here’s what happened.

First day of practice, Jerry and Bo are the first people on the field, by the way they’re both that kind of guys, but not important. They play different things. Bo’s a safety, Jerry’s a receiver. They’re not really practicing together. Bo is was watching what was going on when the rest of the team joined. What happened is there was this drill going on, where all of the receivers got in line and had the quarterback. What happened is the receiver would run, turn, catch the ball and then, walk or jog the ball back to the quarterback and then, the next receiver would get in line, it was his turn. He would run, turn, catch the ball and then, walk or jog the ball back to the quarterback and then, Jerry Rice’s turn came.

Bo said, “Jerry,” when he saw him. What happened was instead of just running he was like, Jerry was like, full speed, run, catch the ball and then, full speed to the end zone. Got to the end zone, turned around, jog the ball back to the quarterback. They started all over again. Next receiver, of course, gets in line, same thing. Run, catch the ball, take it back. Next receiver runs, catches the ball, takes it back. Jerry, his turn comes up again. He goes full speed. Catches the ball, full speed to the end zone. Then, turns around and takes the ball back to the quarterback. At the end of the day Bo finally goes over to Jerry. He’s like, “Hey Jerry.” Jerry’s like, “Hey Bo.” Then, Bo asked him. Bo goes, “Jerry, what’s up with all that running?” Jerry said, “Oh, it’s very simple Bo. You see anytime these hands touch a football, this body ends up in the end zone.”

Now, that’s key, right? What’s important to understand is that Jerry didn’t want his brain to have to think. He didn’t want to go, “Oh, am I in practice? Oh, I can stop now and take it back. Oh, wait, am I just playing for fun. I could probably just jog it down, or am I in a game? Is this important? I’ve got to run full speed?” Oh, no. Why give your subconscious even that fraction of the second-half to decide? He knew anytime, ball touch hands, body goes to the end zone, brain knows it. Jerry Rice was awesome at the mind-body connection. He does it consistently, which by the way again, some people know the mind has an affect on the body, but not everybody knows body has an affect on the mind. Now, you guys know. You know the techniques. You have to do them consistently. You can train your brain just like Jerry Rice did.

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