Get Your Free Ebook of Destination Awesome (for Paperback Owners)


Once you have your paperback copy of Destination Awesome, you are able to get your free ebook copy.

Follow these simple steps to get your free ebook:

1. Download the app: Shelfie by BitLit

2. Open Destination Awesome to the back of the 2nd page (not page 2… the actual 2nd page with the book title, subtitle, and publisher logo on it). There is a BitLit box on the back of that page. Follow the instructions on that page and write your full name in all caps inside the BitLit square.

3. Open the app and click on the top left corner OR simply find “claim an eligible book” in the app.

shelfie 1B shelfie 1A

4.  Then confirm your choice to “claim an eligible book”

shefle 2B sheflie 2A


5. Shelfie will prompt you to take a picture of the cover of the book.

shelfie 5


5. Hit “Next” once you’ve take the picture.

6. Shelfie will ask you to take a picture of the BitLit page with your name written on it.

7. You’ll confirm where you want your free ebook sent to.

8. Smile… your free ebook is on the way!

Thanks again for your support of Destination Awesome. Now go and get to work on creating your own awesome destination. For strategies you can implement in 10 minutes or less, see the suggested action steps at the end of each chapter in Destination Awesome.

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