Front Row on Campus

Living College Life in the Front Row

University of Colorado at Denver. Thanks for being amazing!

Big thanks to Jon Vroman for founding both the Front Row Foundation and the Front Row on Campus message. I’m really enjoying working with the advisors and students on campuses.

The Front Row message is one everyone can resonate with, because it’s all about how to be a participant in your life rather than a spectator watching from the back.

Being engaged leads to an increase in enjoyment and success in our lives as well as having a positive impact on others.

This message is engaging, fun, and interactive. Every single person participates!

I look forward to working with you and sharing the

5 Big Ideas on Living a Fearless #FrontRowLife

1. Connect
2. Create
3. Change
4. Commit
5. Contribute

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Check out this video clip of the Front Row message

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