Choices are Your Steering Wheel

Making choices that align with your goals is like steering the car in the direction of your desired destination.

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Amiee here. Just wanted to bring you a quick tip I have been thinking about. I shared it with someone else and they really thought it was helpful for them, so I thought I should share it with you as well.

Studies prove that we make thousands of choices every single day. Every day! Just like a leaky faucet drops one little drop of water, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but one drop of water every second for a year is 347 gallons of water—more than enough for one human to live off of for a full year. Just like those drops of water add up, so do our choices.

Every little choice we make adds up to create the person we are. When you make your choices, you have 3 directions you can go.

The first direction: You can really not make any choice at all, or not take your goal into account when making choices, in which case, you’re really just leaving everything to chance. That would be like you’re driving a car. The destination is your goal. Your goal is the destination.  And you’re just not having hands on the wheel. You’re pushing the gas pedal, but no hands on the wheel. It is unlikely you will reach your desired destination.

The second way you can go is, you can make choices that do not align with your goal. That would be like if you have a fitness goal or a losing-weight goal, but then when you’re choosing what to eat, you’re choosing the less healthy option. That would be like if you were driving towards your goal and you actually steer away from it.

A third way to go, of course is, you can make choices that do align with your goal. For me, an example of that was in high school when I was offered drugs for the first time and I had never done them, and I really wanted to fit in and seem cool and all that stuff, but I was also on path to go to college.

That was a huge goal for me (going to college) and I knew that if something went wrong and I either reacted medically in a bad way to the drugs, or I got caught and had a criminal record, that it could really hinder getting into college and having the money to do pay for it.

At that time, I had decided drugs wasn’t the thing for me because it didn’t align with the goal I had in mind. Making choices that align with your goals is like steering the car in the direction of your desired destination.

Just remember, you can get to where you want to go for sure. You can achieve the goal you want. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

You just have to make sure that the choices you’re making are aligning with that goals you have in mind.


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