Making Friends & Building Relationships; Empty the Room

  Have you ever questioned whether someone was actually listening to you or just pretending to listen? One day, I was sitting in my office when my husband came in and asked if he could interrupt me to ask a question. I said yes, and he proceeded to ask it. As I listened, I kept[..] Read more >>

Making Friends – How Do I Take an Interest When I’m not Interested?

    When I shared the concept that You’ll get more people to like you by taking an interest in them than you will by being interesting to them I received a great comment and request for my thoughts on it.   Meredith said, “I was just speaking to one of my best friends and[..] Read more >>

Making Friends – Be Interested or Be Interesting?

  When is the last time you were in that awkward moment… the one where you are thinking of starting a conversation with someone you don’t know (or don’t know well), and you aren’t sure what to say? How are you? How’s your day been? I’m _________. What’s your name? Come here often? Okay, now[..] Read more >>

3 Reasons Why You Should Share It as a Story

1. The brain processes information differently when it’s presented through story. Many studies (here’s another) have been conducted in which scientists are watching which areas of the brain light up when the person being studied is taking part in different tasks. For example, when we read facts and figures, the language part of the brain and[..] Read more >>