Amiee’s Adventures

If you haven’t done indoor skydiving yet, or actual skydiving, I suggest you try it.  It’s a blast!

My husband, Josh, and I love the outdoors.  We’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, rock climbed near San Diego and repelled from a cliff in West Virginia.

I love to hang out with my friends.  My best friends are the people who I can have a ton of fun with no matter what we’re doing, but I do love to dance.

My biggest fear is powerful moving water, which is why it was quite the experience the first time I went white water rafting.  In class 5 rapids!


Rafting with friends. I’m the one in the back on the left side of the raft clutching my paddle for dear life.


My goal is to see at least one new place a year, though it often tends to be more than that.