How to Benefit Your Brain by Using Your Body

Everyone knows physical movements are good for you physically. For example, exercise is healthy for your body. Did you know what you do physically also affects you mentally? Affects how well your brain works?  And it’s not just exercise.  Simple physiology such as smiling can make a difference. Watch this video for details. Did you[..] Read more >>

How Your Brain is Primed by Mood

This is the third of four videos on how to Prime Your Brain to help you achieve your goals. To get the most out of this video, do the exercise on pen and paper or your phone so you have a tool for your success. Translation of video Amiee:           The next thing is, mood! Now,[..] Read more >>

Prime Your Brain with Quality Questions

To get your subconscious working for you—helping you filter in things from your environment that will assist you in hitting your goals and achieving your dreams—you must prime it to do so. One way to prime it is being mindful (and intentional) of the types of questions you ask. Transcript of video: Amiee:           Are you[..] Read more >>

Which is in control… Conscious and Subconscious?

Since I was the first, and only, in my immediate family to escape a life of poverty, I’m often asked what makes me different than my family members who still struggle.  Though I can’t narrow it down to only one thing, this is one thing that made a difference. It has to do with how[..] Read more >>