How to do Little but Make a Big Impact

Have you ever been part of a seemingly every-day occurrence, such as taking a ride in a car… but one small difference made it a better-than-average experience? This story is just that. Though, a more accurate categorization of it is having a crappy experience that turned out to be pretty good because of the other[..] Read more >>

Is Pain a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Pain don’t hurt. Have you heard that saying? What a load of BS. Pain does hurt. The definition of pain is an unpleasant physical sensation. However, just because pain is unpleasant or painful, doesn’t mean it’s bad. A story of a painful experience Recently, I was in the Caribbean with my husband and some of[..] Read more >>

Is it WHAT You Know or WHO You Know that Matters?

Transcript of Video Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well, there’s some validity to that. Of course what you know is important. Thought what you know is not as important as putting to action what you know. Even in the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon[..] Read more >>

How Being Casted Out was an Affirmation

Transcript of Video Do you remember your first day of 7th grade? You would’ve been probably about 12 or 13 years old. For me it wasn’t long before that that popularity and fitting in worked its way on to my radar. And I walked into my first day of 7th year thinking “this is going[..] Read more >>