Choosing Happiness… for Real or Not-Quite-That-Simple?

Find out in this quick 3.5 minute video… What you get when you take: Olympic medalists Scientists studying happiness levels in olympic medalists and a girl who can’t seem to “choose her happiness”   What have you found makes you feel better in the tough moments? I’d love to hear it. Share in the comments[..] Read more >>

What is Destination Awesome?

  Have you heard about Destination Awesome yet? Some have asked what it is. Some are already heading there. Some are already there, waiting to greet you! Listen to this audio clip to hear how Destination Awesome can help you have the ultimate life you desire for yourself and those you care about. Plus you’ll[..] Read more >>

Front Row on Campus

Living College Life in the Front Row University of Colorado at Denver. Thanks for being amazing! Big thanks to Jon Vroman for founding both the Front Row Foundation and the Front Row on Campus message. I’m really enjoying working with the advisors and students on campuses. The Front Row message is one everyone can resonate[..] Read more >>